Interview with Stokley Carmichael

Talk about the Black Power speech.


All right. To use the term Black Power, SNCC had already decided this before the march. That must be properly understood. We decided to use the march for an education purpose. Number one, we wanted to push strongly our struggle against the war in Vietnam. So if people will look clearly at the Meredith March, you will see, anti-Vietnam popping up here. King wasn't using it then. But you will see it's one of the areas where we started to hit them with it seriously. Our march was to put strong nationalism in, to have direct leadership from us. And of course to throw our Black Power for the mass of the people. We prepared the terrain. Every night before we went out, the advanced scout, those who went out a day before, before the town we would be in marching, would go out and prepare things. Willie Ricks was then asked and sent out on the assignment to head up the advance party. And we told him, when you go with your advance party—