Interview with Stokley Carmichael

And what was that rally like? Describe it for me, the sense of it.


The sense of the rally could only be described as electrifying. And of course if anyone has been around any of these rallies, they will know what that means. I mean the place was packed, and the people were enthusiastic and are ready to follow the program outlined that would lead to liberation and ready to lead to it of course. Like all mass meetings in that period of our struggle, it had unfortunately a sort of feeling as if liberation was instant, as if it will come instantly, rather than preparing people for protracted struggle. Outside of this shortcoming it was an electrifying event. Where a mass of the people came, it has a broad, a broad spectrum of people. Ron Dellums at that time was present on the platform, just to give you an idea of it. So it had a broad spectrum of the entire community supporting the struggle to free brother Huey Newton.