Interview with Stokley Carmichael

OK, the Maywood speech, Fred Hampton, the NAACP youth chapter.


As we said, in our task there's a honorary Prime Minister to create chapters for the Panther Party. We were invited in Chicago by the youth chapter of the, the youth chapter of the NAACP, a brother by the name of Fred Hampton. We went to do the event and spend some time around Maywood. Mr. Hampton, brother had given some indication that he might want to join the Panther Party. I had some hesitation as I don't usually like to take people from one organization and put them in another organization. Enough our people are unorganized. My feelings always go for the unorganized and pull them into the organization. But he was determined and I think in some two weeks later he did join the Black Panther Party. When he joined the Black Panther Party I was contacted by Bob Brown, who also was working the Black Panther Party, but working with our group inside the Black Panther Party who were working behind the scenes, not getting publicity. And it was Bob Brown and Hampton, step by step. If my memory serves me correctly, I paid the money for his ticket to California to get orientation there from the Panthers and spoke to both [ Seale ]Seales and Cleaver about him. They didn't know him until he went there. And when he came back to Chicago through Bob Brown I was continuing contact with him and working and building up the chapter of the Black Panther Party. I thought that he was a little bit too exuberant and a little bit too excited and enthusiastic without understanding the necessity to build up forces, but he was a dedicated brother. He loved his people and clearly he was willing to sacrifice himself.