Interview with Stokley Carmichael

OK, can you just say young Blacks are identifying—


The young forces in the, our community at that time were in fact trying now as best as they could to help make their contribution to the struggle. King's philosophy of nonviolence was in fact becoming a stumbling block. That is to say the enemies had learned how to contain nonviolent demonstrations and the effect was for all practical purposes, non effective. Because of King's refusal to use nonviolence as a tactic and because he clung to it as a principle, consequently incapable of changing from it, he found himself as an impasse, at an impasse. The younger forces in our community were looking for means to achieve the objectives and since nonviolence was no longer effective, they were looking for any means necessary. Thus, those were advocating any means necessary were the ones that they were attracted to.


OK, that's perfect.