Interview with Stokley Carmichael

Can you describe in the conference of that meeting? What happened in that meeting?


In the meeting before the Black United Front, Dr. King came. He explained and outlined precisely the proposals for the Poor People's Campaign, its objectives, what it hoped to achieve, how he aimed to build it, the entire program. There was some questions from members of the Black United Front to Dr. King. He answered some I think, if I remember, Jesse and Andy Young also fielded some of the questions. And then, if my memory serves me correctly, because you're talking now about 20 years ago, I think that we did make a resolution in which in this resolution we assured Dr. King that no group which did not accept the philosophy or the tactic of nonviolence around the Poor People's Campaign would in anywhere, any way be associate [sic] with it. If they could do things to help in the background which had nothing to do with conflict of their interest here then they would be happy to support it. Dr. King was extremely happy, quite contented thought he had achieved a great victory and was prepared to move on with the Poor People's Campaign.


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