Interview with Ben Chavis

Sorry. Could you begin it again, and just mention, when you said "I had the same thing," just mention what that was. what that thought was.


Well, first of all, when, ah, Coleman Young began to lead part of the Michigan delegation out of the hall, Coleman was upset about something that was being voted on. And rather than stay there to argue his position, ah, he just arrogantly said, "I'm leaving." And some of the Michigan delegates, ah, began to leave with him. But I'm grateful that the whole delegation did not leave. But what I thought when I first saw Coleman Young get up to lead the delegation out was very similar to what I felt when I saw Diggs, ah, trying to gavel down the convention at the beginning of the convention. And that was: something may be imposed on us now to make sure this convention doesn't really happen. And from the outside. You know. COINTELPRO does not operate directly. It operates indirectly. Ah, seeds of dissension are planted from within. That's how COINTELPRO worked. And when I saw this happen, I said, "OK, here, here comes another seed of dissension trying to flower in this convention." But we knew that the majority of delegates at that convention were not going to be deterred by a partial Michigan delegation walkout. Ah, we observed it. Ah, certainly we did not like it. We felt some way, if there's any way to keep them in, we wanted to keep that un--unity--