Interview with Ben Chavis

So give me a sense, give me that event again, and then what you think the police are saying to you with that.


Well, they have, ah, they arrested me and they put me in this back of this police car with two White police officers in the back seat with me, and there were two other White officers in the front. And as the car proceeded down the street, a shotgun all of a sudden of one of the officers was pointed right at my head. And I looked down the barrel of this, ah, double barrel shotgun, and for a moment, I thought, you know, what they are trying to say to me is that, "You may have been to this national Black convention. You may have got your agenda, but we're still in charge. And we ain't about to let Black folks out of the box." And of course my response was, I got to struggle against this. I can't let this cave me in. There were many sisters and brothers looking, lined up the street as the police car was taking us off into town. And so I took my eye off the barrel of the shotgun and looked straight ahead. And kept my mind on what the struggle was about and what the next move would be. Because I knew that the next move would have to be, ah, up to us, those of us who had just been arrested.




Let's do it again.