Interview with Ben Chavis

So. Give me a sense of that event again, and what the police are trying to say.


So I was immediately arrested and placed in the back seat of this police car, with four other police officers, two in the front and two in the back. And before the car proceeded, this officer pointed a shotgun right in my face. And I remember looking down this double barrel shotgun and I had to think quickly, you know, ah, because, one of the things which I had just put--fear, intimidate you. And I decided that, um, I was not gonna let anything turn me around at that moment. Although I knew what the police were trying to say was, "OK, you've been to Gary, Indiana. You've been to this convention and you've got your National Black Agenda now. But we are still in charge. And we aren't about to let Black folks out of the box." I knew that's what they were trying to say. But it was my responsibility not only to see the shotgun, but to see another responsibility. And that is to let these policemen know my commitment, my commitment is lifelong. That you can't let any form of intimidation, ah, deter you--a shotgun, a false arrest, no form of intimidation can hold this movement back. And your commitment has to be lifelong.


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