Interview with Ben Chavis

Tell me what you personally feel when you see the Michigan, part of the Michigan delegation, walk out with coleman young.


Well, first of all, I thought that when I first saw, ah, Coleman Young attempting to lead members of the Michigan delegation out of the convention, you know, I said, "Well, why are they doing that? I mean, this is where the action is. There's nothing going on outside of the convention." And, and, and I felt that, ah, it was an incorrect move by Coleman Young. He disagreed with something that was going on in the convention. Ah, but what should have happened was to stay there and debate what you disagree about. If anything, if Gary meant anything, this was to be a time when we all hang in there and struggle over our differences, you know, over the divisions in our community. And there was some significant divisions, you know. It was not monolithic. It was diverse. But the point of Gary was to hang in one place at a time and to resolve some of those issues, resolve some of those things. So I was very personally hurt to see part of the Michigan delegation get out, and go up and leave the convention. Um, I'm glad that some remained--