Interview with Ben Chavis

OK. give me a sense of your personal reaction when coleman young leads some of the Michigan delegation out, and how it reflected on what you were thinking what Diggs did.


You know, when I first saw Coleman Young get up and attempt to lead part of the Michigan delegation out of the convention, I, I first thought, "Wow, this is very similar to what Diggs tried to do." Diggs was also from Michigan. And I thought that, ah, Coleman Young, ah, you know, may be allowing outside influences, ah, to attempt to disrupt the convention. 'Cause it was clear Coleman Young had another agenda. It wasn't the agenda for the, for that particular convention. And, ah, I really felt concern for some of the delegates that were, who were leaving, following him out of the convention. 'Cause they were like walking out on history. They were like walking out on an opportunity that we had to move forward as a people. And I wanted all echelons[SIC] as possible African-Americans to be in there, particularly the Michigan delegation. And so, you know, I, I felt very personally, ah, hurt by it. Ah, anytime, ah, ah, there is unnecessary division--there's already a lot of natural divisions in our community--but that was an unnecessary division, ah, that was, ah, propelled by some other interest.