Interview with Judge Charles Clark


Judge Charles Clark:

What I was going to tell you was, in one incident that I particularly recall uh, Meredith's demeanor. We had asked him if he would allow us to look at his army service records, his air force service records and I can recall that Meredith came to the attorney general's office with a swagger stick in his hand and uh was very calm and very deliberate and said why certainly you can look at my air force records and he, we said, well will you sign a permission to that effect and he said certainly I will and he signed it. I then took that permission to St. Louis and obtained uh, the review of his records which ultimately uh disclosed that he had been examined by an air force psychiatrist and had quite a bit of difficulty. In fact it was one of the most telling pieces of evidence of, of Meredith's rather unstable character which later evidenced itself long after this trial.