Interview with Judge Charles Clark


Judge Charles Clark:

Let's look at it uh, in a broader view. A person claims a denial of right, uh, the person who is claimed to have taken that right says I did not. It is submitted with proof to a court. Uh, that case is appealed, the appellate process takes place, at the end of the process there is an order. We say that the man's rights have been denied, and that order eventually is enforced. It's enforced at some great personal sacrifice to a number of people, people who lost their lives, but it was in the process of showing that we're going to live by the rule of law, and because it did take that configuration, I think it strengthened the legal process. Uh, it uh, it's, it's certainly not the way you want it to happen, but every once in a while a lot of our institutions have to be tested and I think it was tested and it was proved valid and effective.