Interview with Kenneth Clark

So did you think that the students, I mean, that what they were doing was disrupt this kind of progress that had been happening at Howard for so many years?


Well I will tell you very honestly I felt that what the students were doing then was fashionable. And they were apparently, there was a great deal of enthusiasm about that approach. Now my feeling was, "Look, let's look at this approach. Let's see what the university could contribute. And what the university has contributed and what it could contribute even more so." But again this had nothing to do with my concern with not having violence. It had nothing to do with, if I disagreed with the students they still did not want the police coming in there using clubs and handcuffing them and taking them away. What I would prefer was for us to find some way of having a dialogue with the students and listening to what they wanted and letting them understand what the few of us felt the university should contribute and could contribute.