Interview with Kenneth Clark

What were some of your concerns and reactions in the board meeting at the time? What were some of the discussions like?


Well the thing that I remember most was that some of us were very much concerned about preventing violence and keeping the conflict and confrontation to a minimum between the board and the students or the administration and the students and if the--I remember correctly, n- 1968 is a long way back, there were some few members of the board who were sort of hard liners and who wanted to, ah, make the students understand that, ah, they had no power or control, that the power and control was to be found in the board and not in the students. And they seemed as if they were going to dominate, but a few of us said, "Look we don't want to give any demonstration to who has power. We just want to prevent violence." We eventually got them to agree that a few of us would go and talk with the student leaders.