Interview with Kenneth Clark

What was your reaction to the students? I mean here's a man who'd been involved in the civil rights struggle for many years and who contributed a great deal. What was your reaction your personal reaction to this?


Well, I had worked with president Nabrit very closely during the Brown decision cases. You know he was one of the lawyers in fact he was the chief lawyer for the case involved the District of Columbia. And in the meetings that Thurgood had up here in New York, Nabrit was a very active participant. I felt close and friendly and had a high degree of respect for him and I certainly respected him during the period when he was president of the university. I don't know what happened in that latter part of his tenure when the students became negative toward him, and I must confess that I, if I were to say to you that I know what was happening at the time I would not be telling you the truth.