Interview with George Clements

Right at that time, I gathered, you also became concerned for Bobby Rush's welfare.


Oh, yes, because, ah, once Hanrahan, who was the State's Attorney, once he had murdered, he and his men had murdered Fred, well then the next thing to do was to try to wipe out all those people that were connected with Fred. And Bobby was one of the top leaders of the Black Panther movement in Chicago at that time. And so they were out after- and of course, in my own little way I was getting my, ah, heat, too, because they were trying to get the Cardinal to suspend me, to fire me, ex-communicate me, whatever. They were, they were having all these phone calls that were coming over. Ah, "You nigger priest, we're going to do X, Y, Z" And I was getting all these hate letters, and, ah, threats, and "The next time you put your foot on the accelerator your car's going to blow up." All that old crazy stuff. And so, ah, ah, I, I took, I took all these things very, very seriously. Very seriously. And, ah, every time I would get a letter or whatever, I would always turn it in to some of the people who I found out later were just as adamant against this as the, the establishment. That is the FBI, you know. We thought going to Hoover was going to help, and Hoover was one of them. But, ah, I, I--