Interview with George Clements

I need you to say, to mention his name someplace. Would you just start that again? Anytime.


Well, since, ah, Howard Saffold, ah, was a member of the Afro-American Patrolman's League, and since he, of course, ah, was viewed as a traitor by the, ah, police department, they decided that, with the height of irony, to assign him to actually be one of the guards at the apartment building where, ah, Fred was murdered. And I recall going over there one afternoon, ah, because we were all like, there was pilgrimages being made over to this apartment to see all the bullet holes and so forth, and here was Howard Saffold standing on the porch, guarding this place. And, ah, I just felt like, "Wow, they, ah, they don't miss a trick."