Interview with William Coleman


William Coleman:

Well, early in the game, we felt… that that the case would be won or lost based upon the position ultimately of Mr. Justice Frankfurter. Uh, we felt uh that uh… other things being equal, that uh Justice Douglas and uh, Mr. Justice Black would probably uh decide the case our way. Uh, we really didn't…know about uh, we really didn't know about Chief… we really didn't know about uh, Mr. Chief Justice Earl Warren. He had just been appointed to the court. He had been a great governor of California. He had been a liberal politician, but we actually didn't know. Uh, Justice Jackson uh we had, we didn't, we didn't know. Uh, I had been a law clerk uh and I had the advantage of working uh, with these gentlemen. Uh, Lou Pollack had been a law clerk, uh he had had that advantage. Uh, he had worked with uh… Justice Wally Rutledge who incidentally had died and so wasn't in on the decision. But our feeling was that if you could have structured an argument which would appeal to Mr. Justice Frankfurter, uh, that we probably would win the case. Uh…