Interview with Slim Coleman

Now, you got all the way through the primary and then the results come in, Harold Washington defeated Byrne and Daley, what did you feel about them?


Well, you know, that night, ah, we were real tired. I mean, just be honest, you know, ah, there had been, ah, so much emotion all the way through the year, ah, we never doubted that we were going to win. I know that it, wouldn't have seen that from reading the press accounts, where it said that Harold was, ah, 10 or 15 percentage points from having a chance at winning and so forth. But we really were fully confident, all the way, you know, since the August before, ah, since the voter registration really. We know we, we would win. We had the votes. It was just a question of turning them out. Ah, there was a, a little bit of a tough time, ah, when the first results came in because they brought in the Northwest and the Southwest '-ers side, results first, ah, and then when they, ah, far, when the South Side results started coming in and we seen that Harold had, ah, 90 percent margins and there were 85, and 87 and 88 percent turnouts. Ah, it was clear that we were going to win and, ah, we kind of said, "Well, now we got to roll up our sleeves and go to work." We knew we, it really, it wasn't a big surprise to us that night. I know some people think that it was. Everybody was very excited and very enthusiastic but we were not surprised. The media was surprised and kept running stories about how surprised everybody was that they won. We weren't surprised. We were always thinking, "Well what are we going to have to do now, we got a tough general election and then, how are we going to run this government?" I mean, we didn't even know what City Hall looked like on the inside.


Let me stop down for just a moment here.