Interview with Slim Coleman

I mean on the bigger things, the fear and all those things?


Ah, they're not going to leave you alone. That's what we had to tell people. They're not going to leave you alone. You think that you can just stay uninvolved, but look at the building next to you where arson for profit burning people out and those babies died. They're not going to leave you alone. Look at when the next time you want to go and go to the hospital and they turn you down, ah, and your wife, ah, is dead, ah, because she couldn't get into the hospital. You left them alone but they don't leave you alone. They want this land back. You know what this city now that they abandoned for so many years, that they deindustrialized, that they sent to gent[SIC] the jobs all over the world to, they want it back. This land is gold and they want you off of it. They're going to run you out of here. If you, you can't leave them alone and think they'll leave you alone. They're coming after you. You better get ready. You better do something. You don't really have a choice. Your back's against the wall this time, ah, and people knew it. They felt it and they said, "Well, this is one thing I can do. So, I'm going to try it."