Interview with Slim Coleman

Tell me about the downtown development deals.


Well, you know, ah, ah, Charles Swibel, ah, who was head of the Chicago Housing Authority, but also one of the largest developers in the city, ah, and was, was one of the evil cabal that, ah, she s- said she said she was going to campaign against, became her main advisor. And if you wanted to do a housing project you really had to go see Charles Swibel, ah, so there were a series of them, ah, one of the ones, ah, that got the most attention was Presidential Towers, ah, which was a, ah, a building that was originally supposed to be, ah, low and moderate income housing. Ah, it was on the Near West Side, ah, and they made an act of Congress actually to, ah, with, ah, Jane Byrne's friend, Dan Rostinkowsky, Congressman Rostinkowsky, to use what were low and moderate income federal moneys, ah, to produce buildings that wouldn't have any restrictions, rent restrictions, and they really are now, they rent for, start at a thousand dollars for an efficiency apartment. Ah, and, but it was a monstrous program, it was millions and millions of dollars.