Interview with John Conyers

I'm sorry. What did President Johnson say?


Well, the, the President, first of all, he wanted me to tell him what was happening and, and, to describe how serious it was. Was it serious enough for him to, to send in the federal presence? I assured him immediately that it was. And, ah, he was telling me who to be in touch with and, ah, ah, it, but it was clear that they came in, ah, thinking that there, there must be, there must be more to it than just rioting. I mean, there had to be a political, somebody was subversive, had put people up to this. And they were searching for, ah, for political evidence of ah, of left wing. This was the anti-Communist mentality that has never really gone away, ah, that always comes in, in full bloom. I mean if Blacks are being disruptive, they have to be being put up to it. I mean they, they couldn't just go out and do this on them, on their own. They were behaving themselves pretty nicely up until now.