Interview with John Conyers

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OK, during the, during the, the riots, our office became a sort of a, a, a mini station in which people were calling in for help, assistance, family members missing, somebody's been arrested, someone, "This is it." The police stations were all overrun and the jails were filled. So they just created detention centers. And, so, people were calling up reporting what the police were doing or did or reporting missing people, ah, people wanting to file complaints. Fear, anger, ah, this, it was this, could this be happening in America?** I mean that you look out your, your window and you see tanks going down the street and so, so, ah, the thing was an absolute madhouse of all kinds of conduct and activity going on. And people calling us frequently. They were probably calling everywhere else too. But they were calling us trying to get us coordinated. In the meantime, we were meeting, ah, a the leadership groups were meeting with the, the law officers and with the, the federal presence that was here trying to coordinate and, and see how we could head this thing off.