Interview with John Conyers

And what happened when you finally met with him? What did you get from him? I understand that you presented sixty some demands. What did you get from him?


Well, it was, it was a nominal meeting that, ah, that had no, no, ah, no serious consequence. We finally got the meeting, and when we got the meeting, ah, we had our demands, ah, pretty well drawn up. And, and, they were, they were, they were received but not acted upon. It did not create a new beginning of a relationship in which, ah, we argued that we ought to get these, and they argued that we will maybe give you these instead of those. They were received and filed, and that was the end of it. President Nixon could be a pretty hard-nosed, ah, executive, ah, officer when he wanted to be. And, ah, to him this was a, ah, an unprecedented demand being made upon the Chief Executive. That he would meet with the political leaders of Black Am- with the political leadership of Black America. The, the whole thing, ah, to him was a, an unjust demand that was being made upon him for, for purposes which he could not fathom.