Interview with John Conyers

Can you tell me about it?


Yeah, that was the march, that was the march before The March. As a matter of fact, much of Martin's, ah, ah, speech was being formed. "I have a dream" speech, there were parts of it coming together, but that was, that was the kind of, ah, spirit that was going on in Detroit. Reverend C. L. Franklin, who was very close to Martin King, ah, was probably the moving force, the planning all came out of his church. There were others, ah, ah, Ruether again, joined, the labor people joined in it, came right down Woodward and we ended up at, ah, Cobalt Hall. And, ah, it w- w- was the, it was the, the same kind of spirit of support for civil rights, for end of racism. And you have to really, ah, ah, strain oneself to remember, how segregated, and how different things were then. Ah, Detroit, now and then is like two different cities.