Interview with John Conyers

Could you mention the ?


OK, the murders of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, I was probably in Detroit. And, ah, it was a so shocking that at first you were hoping that maybe this wasn't really the way it went down. As you remember there was also this exotic that the states attorney engaged in trying not to reveal how they were actually executed by law enforcement agents. That the FBI had coordinated this, that it was, it was murders were totally unnecessary, totally unprovoked. I mean here were you talking about killing people at night as people lie sleeping in their beds. So this was a totally unnecessary massacre of particularly well thought of Black leaders. This was our leadership being cut down in a repressive way that, that really inflamed the rest of the country and left us deeply saddened by it. When we recovered, of course, we had ad-hoc hearings in which Black leadership, the beginning, the nascent beginnings of a Congressional Black Caucus. Most of the members, ah, joined with other local officials to hold ad-hoc hearings, to have witnesses who testified about the circumstances that day, and evening and night.