Interview with Ossie Davis

All right, tell me about after Malcolm after the break he visited you at this house. Tell me about that.


Well, we had kept pretty close touch with Malcolm all through the time after we first, after he came to our house the first time. And so it was, you know, when he was excommunicated, so to speak, we were some of the people to whom Malcolm would come to talk. John O. Killens, Sylvester Leeks, myself, and some others. So, he, he new that he could trust us and we knew that, that we could trust him. And we talked to him on the phone and when he went to Africa he wrote us letters and things like that. And then when he came back and it was approaching the end and he sensed, you know, that his time was not going to be too long, one day, I forget who at who's, ah, ah, behest the whole thing, whether we called him and invited him or whether he called us and said he wanted to come up, but one day he came to the house here in this very room and he was alone.


Lets stop.