Interview with David Dawley

Can you talk about some of the discussions that were in the tents at night after that or not necessarily in tents, but between people after that, between Whites or between Blacks and Whites?


I have images of general discussions around the tents, ah, after listening to Willie Ricks and the atmosphere was clearly different around the march after Black Power, ah, became a demand, ah, from that porch in Greenwood. There was a surface of more anger and more hostility yeah, and there was a release of more hostility toward Whites. Suddenly, um, I was a honky, not David. When there were, ah, small groups of two or three younger Black men who might be talking to each other where a couple days earlier we might stand around and listen, now they told us to move out of the way, honky. Others wanted to comfort us, wanted to, us to know that there was no danger and that we were welcome. But clearly now there was a division.