Interview with David Dawley

Tell me about the instructions you got from CORE and about how to travel to the South.


I had been out of the country, ah, in the Peace Corps in Honduras during, ah, the, some of the active years, '63 to '65 in civil rights, so most of us were new to civil rights activism and we needed some, some, ah, some information, we needed some help before going. Ah, some members of CORE, ah, came one evening to train us in what to expect and what to do. And he told us for the drive to turn off the interior lights of the car, ah, so we wouldn't be a target. Try not to light cigarettes, ah, again to show light on yourself. Being aware that we had northern license plates, ah, carrying a checkbook with a five dollar balance so we wouldn't be arrested for vagrancy. Not stopping in Kentucky to, ah, to eat, you know. Basically drive straight through, don't create a problem, get to the march--