Interview with David Dawley

Can you tell me something about the fear that began--excuse me--can you tell us about the fear that you started feeling?


We felt fear, ah, for two reasons. We felt, ah, ah, there was the fear of the threat from the telephone. With the training There was a new sense of anxiety that we were becoming involved in something that might have consequences, something, something real, it wasn't an academic exercise**, and that we had to take that seriously. So there was a sense of anxiety as we, as we went toward the march. Um, we began feeling the fear of, of the Black people in Mississippi, of the Negroes in Mississippi. That fear bothered us, ah, we didn't think, ah, there should be an atmosphere of fear in the United States, we didn't think that, ah, anyone in the United States in 1966 should drive down a state highway and worry about getting shot.