Interview with Dave Dennis


Dave Dennis:

A lot of people felt that we uh, intentionally brought whites into the summer project so that a white could be killed. That is not true. Uh, we brought a lot of whites into the state primarily for to get attention on the problems in the state, and it was just like a war, and uh, I think that a lot of people understood that we were in a war in the state of Mississippi, I think we would use a lot of non violence. And when you're in a war is, you don't send soldiers out to be killed, you send soldiers out to win the war, hoping like hell that they're not gonna be killed. But usually what happens is inevitably somebody is killed. And that's what the war was all about. People in Mississippi, the racists in Mississippi were using guns, they were using bombs and they were killing people. But this country was not giving that attention upon the, what was going on here, until that summer project. And for the first time white America understood, those people who said they were liberal, they understood that it made no difference what color you were, it was what you stood for as to whether or not you would live or die in this state at that time