Interview with Dave Dennis


Dave Dennis:

The uh, bodies that were found, other bodies were found only two I think were white, the rest of them were black, And they were just local people, they were not civil rights workers anything of that nature, as far as we know. Uh, but at the same time they were bodies, that were being found and but nothing was being done about it, and as far as most of America was concerned, as long as it wasn't the civil rights workers, then it was OK. Business as usual, and that's what we were talking about prior to the Mississippi Summer. Those were the things that were going on all the time in the state of Mississippi, without any attention being given to them. By bringing in the whites that we did for working that summer is the attention was being given to those possibilities at that time is. I mean on the state, we had all the blacks, three blacks missing, there would have been three blacks missing. Short period of time is I mean OK they dead, Medgar Evers was killed you know whatever happened on that is, it's a memory, other than that is, in terms of action being taken in the state to bring about changes, nothing was done.