Interview with John Doar


John Doar:

Well, you asked me about the uh, um accomplishments of the SIXTIES, you asked me about the accomplishments of the SIXTIES, the early ‘SIXTIES and ‘65, in light of the problems that existed in '65 through, thereafter with uh, violence in the North and demonstrations all over the country. And uh, and the kids becoming more bitter and disillusioned and the country got into a, a… there were some things that were, were negative but, uh, I always felt that, that through it all there was a really strong forward, positive constructive accomplishment by the American people during that period. Uh, if you consider that during the period from 1954 to 1965, this country broke the caste system. Now, there's no other civilization that's ever been able to do that, peacefully, without a revolution. And this, the American people accomplished through the democratic constitutional processes of the law. And that was, and if you take a look at the long term that was really a tremendous accomplishment. Now, it was clouded and shrouded and uh, and obscured by the Vietnam War and the fact that because the law was imperfect, and very imperfect because of our Federal system, the kids, the black kids of this country the leaders, the people that we really had so much to, to give to the country, just were casualties, as they became casualties, the bitterness of, of, of all the casualties, just kind of overwhelmed an awful lot of people. And so, you had a kind of a, of a, of a temporary negative reaction. But it wasn't the principle direction that the country was going.