Interview with Emory Douglas

Emory, could you talk about your decision to join the Panthers, and the feelings that Terry just referred to?


Yes. My decision was, ah, was, ah, very easy. Once I seen Huey and Bobby and what they were about, ah, and the, ah, positive, ah, energies, and things that they were doing, I was ready to join. It brought, it, ah, the feelings were, it brought a lot of pride. It was like being a part of, of, of a movement that you had seen on TV, and now being able to participate and share in that movement. When you, ah, you heard and talked, heard talk about Malcolm, seen Malcolm on TV, ah, at that, at that time. You had heard and talked about Stokely Carmichael, Rap Brown, SNCC and what have you, and all the different things that were happening. And to become a part of a movement that had encompassed all these different concepts and ideals, ah, in its own creative way. It brought a sense of pride. But there was also, there was the doubts and the fear of whether you were going to survive or exist, but which became a part of your make-up, and you, you know, went on and took care of business the way you had**.