Interview with Emory Douglas

At the Betty Shabazz, escorting her, did- was that something that produced a real emotional reaction? What did it look like?


OK, well, it was a very, it was, ah, it was a very, ah, ah, colossal event, ah, because of the fact that you had, here you had Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, ah, going to the airport with the cadre of Black Panthers and community people with guns to meet Sister Betty Shabazz as she got off the airplane. They went all the way to the runway of the airplane to meet her and to escort her off- and went off someone else to escort her off the plane. I think this had a powerful impact, ah, ah, ah, wi- w- within the, ah, ah, to the world, as a matter of fact. It was also a powerful event, the fact that when she went to visit I believe Rampart's Magazine when she was here also, ah, so it, it had, it was a very dynamic experience.