Interview with Emory Douglas

What were some of the first activities that you did as a member of the Black Panther Party? What was it that you did and, and, just describe some to me.


Well, the first ones was, ah, that were just the, being able to go on the patrols and to observe the actions of Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in action in Oakland, California, ah, confronting the police in Oakland, California, who were notoriously known at that time in the Black community, when they would confront them in relationship to the rights of the, of young Blacks who were being stopped in Oakland and being harassed for no particular reason. And the police not being able to, ah, ah, deal with the fact that here were young Blacks with guns and law books being able to articulate the laws to them. This is one of the first activities of which I was involved in. Also being able to, ah, participate in, ah, in some of the rallies that took place in North Richmond around the murder of Denzil Dowell and also trying to incorporate North Richmond into a city of which it would be a base of political power for Black people because it was an unincorporated area.