Interview with Angelo Dundee

In April of 1967, Ali refused to be drafted into the Army. What did Ali's stand on Vietnam cost him as a fighter?


Well, I mean he lost three and a half years. We probably never did get to see the best of Ali 'cause Ali, before he departed, was right at the brink of the, he was great anyhow, but to me, his full potential was going to be resolved then. So the three and a half layoff didn't do him any good because he wasn't a kid that would have kept running, kept training. I mean although every time he came to Miami Beach he used to work out, you know. And he asked, me, kiddingly, he says, "Do you mind if I come to the gym?" I says, "Please!" Because Jimmy Ellis was training for a fight. And I actually made him spar with Jimmy Ellis, not as a sparring partner, he assisted him. But I remunerated him for him assisting us. In fact, ah, he was there with his family and I took care of the hotel because it was a pleasure. Because Jimmy was in action and Jimmy was fighting. But Muhammad was that kind of guy. To this day, you know, Muhammad comes down here and he trains and he sweats. He loves to sweat. And, ah--