Interview with Angelo Dundee

Tell me what's so special about him.


He was just great. He, ah, professional, no a great human being. Ah, ah, he actually, I actually had a guy was robbing him. And I made him aware of it. I said, "Willie's a heck of a thief." He said, "Isn't he?" So, he found a plus about a guy. He was the kind of guy, if he didn't have anything good to say, he would say nothing. Muhammad taught me, he taught me patience, "Well you see, there's no time for getting mad at anybody. You get glad. You don't get mad. You evaluate and you go further." He just never got, felt that he was done out of anything. He was happy to be back because being in boxing, he had fun. He would never admit it that he loved boxing but he had fun with boxing.