Interview with Angelo Dundee

Did he ever confide to you why he was opposed to the war in Vietnam?


I am a very lucky individual. I learned, early in life, you don't mess around with a fighter's personal life or his religion. You got to lose on both counts. Because everybody believes their religion is the best religion. And you don't ever want to get into a guy's house because you hear him argue with his wife and then you, this happened to me in New York City, now it's a true story, '49. A young kind come up to me. I was working with him. He says, "Ang," he said, "Boy that wife of mine, she's, ooh, God." I say, "Well, you know how women are." So, end the story, I wound up losing the fighter and I lost the friendship of his wife because he went back and told his wife, "Even Angelo believes I'm right."