Interview with Angelo Dundee

After Clay turned pro, he trained for a while with Archie Moore. Can you tell about the conversation you had with Dick Sadler after you had taken over as Clay's trainer?


Well, you know, think about Archie Moore, I got to give him due because what people didn't understand, there was no conflict there. It was just a clash of star quality. Because Archie Moore was a star. Archie Moore was a great champion. So, ah, when the kid went up there and he would ask him, "Hey I want to fight." He said, "You're not ready." So, he don't, "I'm not ready. Geeze, I've got so many amateur fights, I'm not ready?" Well actually it was a clash of star quality. And then what, what broke it off actually, Archie Moore asked him to sweep the kitchen. That did it. He said, "I don't sweep the kitchen for my mother, why I got to sweep the kitchen for Archie Moore?" So, actually it was a clash of personalities. Where they got together, a Louisville group called me, we got together, no problem. I sat down and explained, "I'll take my time with the kid," and actually this was in October. And then, ah, I told them, "Well why don't you let the kid stay home for the holidays, you know. We'll start in January, fresh, bright eyed, bushy tailed." Well that was fine with them, with the Louisville group. But then what they said was, "No, he wants to come down now." But see, they had come down and interviewed me and I gave them my ideas and what I, Bill Faversham came down with Morris Bingham, a couple from the Louisville group. And I explained to them, my, the way I would move him, nice and easy, nice and slow, so he could learn his profession. And then bang, he wanted to come down right away. Now, Dick Sadler, was oddly enough, is a good pal of mine. We, we in boxing have a lot of camaraderie and people don't understand this. Dick's a pal of mine, great and Dick is beautiful, good man, good boxing man. So, he came up to me, it was during a time we were having some fights. He says, he said, "You still with that kid?" I says, "Yeah." "And he didn't drive you crazy yet?" I said, "No, we had a great time together." He said, "Man," he says, "You got to have the purple heart with nine clusters if you're hanging in with that kid because he almost drove me up a wall," he says because he had a, he went on a train ride with him once to Texas and he described the train ride, it was second to none. He's yelling the, the, car, is going through, he says, "I'm the champ and my name is Cassius Marcellus Clay. I'm the beau--the most beautiful fighter in the world today," on and on and on. And then he says, "Dick," said, "You got to shut up, you're going to get us killed." But that was, that was the kid full of pep and ginger. And I didn't curtail that because you don't do that. You just project on it and smooth it out a little bit and the people liked it.