Interview with Angelo Dundee

Tell us about the press.


The press kept digging and, ah, I just played it cool. I said, "I don't know. I don't know anything about it really." And, ah, this happened where the guy went to Chicago and Chicago came back. Well, I don't bird dog my fighters. I never do that. I believed that, ah, press, socializing with your fighter and getting too up close with your fighter, you negate your influence with your fighter. I don't believe in that balogna. If a kid wants to go out and take a ride. Let him take a ride. See there's only room for one star in my profession. He was the star. So, I kept it that way. I kept it loose as a goose. Always had a great sense of humor with the kid. But you got to remember one thing, he was the most available super star of our era. Because the media got to talk to him, one on one. I pushed that because they want to hear what the star has to say. No one cares what Angelo Dundee wants to say. The assistant trainer, the seconds, the doctor, the lawyer, the Indian Chief, they spoke to him. That was very important.