Interview with Angelo Dundee

I want you to recall that fight between Muhammad Ali and Floyd Patterson. What happened that night?


Well it was, It was a good guy, bad guy situation where Patterson was a well loved individual and, ah, he's fighting Muhammad Ali. And, ah, Floyd had the, always had this thing about saying, "Cassius, Cassius, Cassius," you know. And it gets to be rub after a while. His name was Muhammad Ali**. Ah, I'm Angelo Dundee. Ah, I was Angelo Marina, so what's the big deal? Ah, so I didn't see any reason for anybody to be calling him Cassius Clay. The guy's got a God-given right to be called what he wants to be called. So, the fight with Patterson, ah, my kid was doing a number on him, saying, "What's my name?" Pop. "What's my name?" Pop. You know, I, I felt sorry for Floyd because, ah, Muhammad did a number on him**. But, not with vengeance, but, Muhammad don't dislike anybody. Muhammad likes everybody. He got no axe to grind with anybody. I mean, to this day, he's that way and he was that way from the beginning. And I never, never had an argument with Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali. We always had a great time together. It was a fun trip. And this guy, when he fought Patterson, he just sort of resented not being called by his proper name. He's always saying, "My name is Muhammad Ali. So call me Muhammad Ali. It isn't tough. In fact it's shorter, right? Cassius Marcellus Clay, a little longer."