Interview with Minnie Dunlap

So what happened? You, so tell me about the people from the King's organization coming to see you.


We had two organizers to come from Dr. King's movement, and they had been pushing literature under the door continuously, but being the kind of person that I was, a working person, I just stepped over it and put the paper in the garbage and kept going, but still angry with him. And then when he came to collect the rent I still would not pay him. So they came in to talk to me about him, two of them, to the door, and said, "Could we talk to you about your landlord?" And that got my interest. So I said, "OK." So we sit down and started to talking about it and he said, "Well, this man got 45 buildings, do you want to do anything about your hole in the wall?" And I said, "Sure." They said, "Well, if you come to a rally tonight and tell your story over there, we'll get your wall fixed."


Great, cut, very nice, that was very nice, that was a very nice answer.