Interview with Minnie Dunlap

And you came back, and what did you do when you came back to your building?


I went back to my building to work with the tenants that was there 'cause I felt very enthusiastic that something would be do- could be done. So I sort of made myself a, an organizer, and started talking with the tenants that were in the building about holding their rent** and maybe we could get something done 'cause Dr. King was going to come over to our building. They were very enthusiastic, all of them was enthusiastic 'cause that would mean an opportunity, they would get a chance to see Dr. King. So I got only about seven of them to say that they would work with me at that particular time; the others I felt that wanted to work with me but were afraid because they were on fixed incomes, particular public assistance, and they were afraid that the landlord would get their checks cut off**, so that was their only mean of income, so they wouldn't get involved to that degree. But right after that, the following week, the landlord sent someone in there and fixed my apartment and painted the whole apartment so by the time the ralliers got there, I didn't have the hole in the wall.


That was good.