Interview with Steven Dunkley

OK, Steven, can you tell me, you describe the scene outside the Induction Center the days of Ali's induction.


The days of Ali's induction it was, ah, a special day. We arrived earlier and, ah, there were three factions. We arrived early around 6 o'clock. There were, ah, three factions outside. You had the, ah, Black Muslims, which were concerned with his religious beliefs and that they be respected and everything like that. So they were doing their thing. And you had, ah, the draft card burners, ah, which we refer to as like the long-haired hippie dope-fiends and they were burning flags and draft cards and demonstrating and yelling and everything out there, ah, protesting the war in Vietnam. Then, you had, really kind of the mom and pops, ah, these were, ah, basically, ah, parents of sons that were in Vietnam already and they were there basically, ah, watching and seeing what was going on. And so all three factions were kind of intermixing and you had, they all had their specific territories staked out in front of the Induction Building.