Interview with Steven Dunkley

--Ali was among them.


As the inductees walked into the room and Muhammad Ali was among them, I had thought about, ah, all the rumors that I had heard, ah, that, ah, he was not going to do it, that he was going to refuse based on that he was a religious purposes, that he was a Black Muslim, ah, minister. So they, they came in. They all lined up and everything. And I called the names and I looked at him when I called Muhammad Ali. And I thought, is he really going to do it? Is he really going to do it? So, I said, Muhammad Ali and I looked at him. And he just stood there and then I said, "Cassius Clay," and he just stood there. And, so then, at that time I, I decided, "Well, he's serious about this. He's going to do it." So, at that time, ah, Lieutenant Hartman and Captain Hall, you know, took him from the room. I went ahead and finished the ceremony for the rest of them. The other inductees that were, were doing it were intrigued by the fact that, you know, they had, ah, taken the step forward and said, yes sir. Is what they do, they take a step forward, yes sir. And then that meant that they were in, you know, and, and they were all also wondering, what, what was going to happen that day too.