Interview with Steven Dunkley

Steve, tell me how you felt that day, the day that Ali was expected be inducted.


Well, the d- the way I felt the day that Muhammad Ali was coming up was that it was definitely going to be a different day at ah, work that day. We were asked to be there early at six o'clock in the morning ah, to avoid any problems with the people we were expecting to demonstrate out front. So we were all in. We fortified the, ah, the induction center and monitored who came in and out. We knew that the whole thing was going to be monitored, ah, from the Pentagon on a direct phone line the whole day, all of his activities. We were b- a lot of the, the, ah, guys who worked at the center were fans of Muhammad Ali. You know, he was the heavyweight champion of the world and he was coming that day. And it's not every day you get somebody like that come through the induction center so we were excited about that. We knew that, ah, the press.


Ran out.