Interview with Steven Dunkley

Why don't you give me that, Elvis Presley. If he went to boot camp he wouldn't have saw any service in Vietnam.


See but I can't, I can speak for me as a, as a person what I think. But I can't say what the Department of the Army would have, would have done with him. But I know that, how those people are handled, you know. Presley, Presley, you know, went to Germany. And, and, ah, he was in 22 months during the, the time when he was on his month leave, you know, he, he made a movie. And then on his last one he went over there to Hawaii and made another movie, you know, on his way back. And, and, so I, I don't think he saw a lot of gun fire. I don't think Pres- he, he wasn't in Vietnam or anything like that. I think Elvis Presley would have, I mean, ah, Muhammad Ali would have been in special forces and I think that he would have ended up being like the coach of the boxing team or something like that. They would have run him through boot camp and, and done all that. But he would have gotten a, a Germany assignment or something like that. They wouldn't send him to Vietnam or something like that.