Interview with Steven Dunkley

OK, Steven, take me through Ali's day in the Induction Center beginning with when he arrived and where did he go and what was happening.


Muhammad Ali arrived that day, ah, with all the other people that were set for induction that day. First place they went is to the, ah, physical section, which was upstairs. They went up there to check and see, they had been given previously a full physical and so from the time that the physical was to the, to today, the day that they were going to be inducted in the Army, we had to ascertain if there be any changes in their physical status. There hadn't been any change in his. The next thing was the, ah, psychological testing section. He went in there and Captain Hall, ah, checked, we had a DZ form 214, I believe, which was basically, have you joined any subversive organizations or anything. And he hadn't, you know, joined the Communist Party or anything since he had been checked on that before. And then the third thing that, where he went, his test scores were reviewed to make sure that he was, ah, qualified intellectually to, ah, serve in the Armed Forces. And he had passed the tests before so he was qualified and there was no change, you know, in his status there. So, therefore, passing all three of those categories then he was ready for the induction ceremony.