Interview with Steven Dunkley

Muhammad Ali came to the Induction Center.


The day that Muhammad Ali came to the Induction Center was different from other days in that there was a direct line set up from the, ah, Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station in Houston to the Pentagon so that they could monitor his, ah, progression all the way through the, ah, induction ceremony. They, every time he would pass, like the physical section or the psychological section then we would, ah, it was, ah, ah, the line was open the whole day. We would tell them what, what was going on. In addition to that the press room, which had been set up, either, Colonel McKee or one of the people would go in, say, what status that he was in during the day. So that they would know what was going on and then they could, ah, release news releases that he had, ah, passed his physical, now he was moving into psychological testing or whatever, what might be. And then, ah, just before he went to the ceremony we told them that he was going in to do the ceremony and, ah, then after the ceremony he, we also went in and told them that too.